Shorelines Collection   WID

Code Of Virginia: § 10.1 - 614

"Whenever it is found that soil and water conservation or water management within a soil and water conservation district or districts will be promoted by the construction of improvements to check erosion, provide drainage, collect sediment or stabilize the runoff of surface water, a small watershed improvement district may be established within such soil and water conservation district or districts in accordance with the provisions of this article."

The Timberlake WID is in the Robert E. Lee Soil and Water Conservation District, one of 47 in Virginia. A WID is governed by its soil and water directors who are elected, two from each county or city at the November general election for a term of four years. In 1998 it was finally possible to hold a referendum election. But, in contrast to the only other WID election in Virginia, the ballot did not ask for approval to assess property owners for the cost of lake conservation and maintenance. This question was postponed by a five year moratorium, in recognition of the expense of restoration that owners had just borne. The moratorium ended at the close of 2003. For the WID to be available for the cost of major needs, such as the inevitable dredging, dam upgrading to meet tighter regulations, or forebay construction the postponed election must be held, and residents of the WID will be given the opportunity to decide the long-term
future maintenance operations of Timberlake.